Fire Pumps

Our Fire Pump Services Include:

  • Since 1981 JJ FIRE has been South Florida’s reliable partner for design and installation of complex fire sprinkler systems in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County.  Our systems are relied on to safeguard lives and property at Client Name, Client Name, Client Name and and many other government, commercial, and residential properties throughout  South Florida.  

Our staff and NICET certified fire sprinkler designers have over 100 years of combined experience. 


Fire Sprinkler Design Services

  • We have the technical and managerial expertise required for even the most complex new or retrofit fire sprinkler design projects. Our seamless concept-to-completion process begins with in-depth planning that includes budgeting, feasibility planning, 3-D coordination, and Navisworks collision checking.


  • We are able to provide a full line of fabrication services for custom installations including welding, roll groove, cut groove and threading. Material sales are available.


  • By managing projects collaboratively with property owners, construction contractors, and architects, we are able to guarantee that any systems we install will be fully and safely integrated into your facility. You will be protected from fire without interfering with building components, aesthetics, or other ongoing construction projects.


  • Malfunctions are not acceptable in high stakes situations involving the safety of people and property. Our highly trained technicians will help keep your sprinklers in optimal condition and ensure they are able to provide you with worry-free protection.



  • With a proper maintenance and inspection schedule, a fire sprinkler system will stay in optimal condition and stay current with ever-changing regulations for decades. In addition to maintenance services, we provide annual testing for sprinkler systems, standpipes, extinguishers, backflows, fire pumps, and alarms for commercial and residential properties of all sizes.
  • JJ Fire Protection uses Scan Series, made by Building Reports, to test and inspect fire sprinkler systems. Building Reports is the most trusted inspection solution in the world and the leader in web-based inspection reporting.
  • Building Reports is used to retrieve reports from anywhere via a web-based system, send and authorize repairs within a report, view NFPA and other industry codes and standards, and track an inspector’s progress during an inspection. This all-in-one system ensures our inspectors are prepared and properly documenting everything during a fire alarm inspection service

Backflow Testing


  • Our techs are experienced in testing and repairing all types and sizes of backflow preventers. It is required that these assemblies be tested annually to preserve the quality of our drinking water. During the annual visit we test check valves, relief valves, buffers, air inlet, and shut off valves. A report will be provided to the customer and the Water District. All backflow preventers are inspected per the ASSE and ABBA Standards.

Systems Critical Monitoring

  • In the event of a fire, our alarm monitoring staff will be immediately aware of it. We will jump into action to alert fire, ambulance, police and any relevant emergency agencies. Any designated contacts for your property also will be informed. Our monitoring services provide you with a swift, comprehensive, 24/7 response to crisis.

Special Hazards

  • High-hazard facilities require unique fire suppression systems. JJ fire provides custom system installations for high-risk properties like power plants, chemical facilities, aircraft hangars, and facilities with hazardous materials.

Corrosion Solutions

  • Corrosion in a fire sprinkler system is an innate risk that needs to be investigated annually. Sprinkler system piping is susceptible to natural forms of corrosion as it is comprised of unprotected metal interacting with oxygen and water or moisture. If corrosion goes untreated, it can erode the lining of steel pipe, causing pipes to crack and leaks to develop. Leaks will comprise the integrity of your fire sprinkler system resulting in costly repairs and can cause damage to your property.
  • JJ Fire Protection Fire is known for our experts that implement proactive corrosion solutions, supporting all of Broward, Dade and Palm Beach Counties. We identify and protect fire sprinkler systems from the damaging effects of corrosion.
  • NFPA standards require comprehensive inspections of piping systems every five years. This includes an inspection of internal valves and piping for obstructions. The obstruction inspection can show signs of corrosion, which, if not caught early, can cause enough damage to require complete replacement of the system’s pipes. The internal inspection of valves includes opening the valves to inspect their strainers, filters and restriction orifices for visible evidence of blockage.
  • Scheduling a 5-year Inspection of your system is required by NFPA-25 standards. JJ Fire can conduct a 5-year Inspection to keep your facility in compliance with code and reduce liability in the long term by catching early signs and characteristics of corrosion.
  • JJ Fire Protection Fire Protection has expert corrosion inspectors who can diagnose and treat corrosion problems. JJ Fire Protection can provide a wide range of services to protect your fire sprinkler system, including nitrogen generators, which are becoming more and more of a necessary set up for customers.
  • Full list of services include:
    • NFPA-mandated 5-year inspections
    • Internal pipe investigations
    • Piping replacement
    • Hydrostatic test and flushing
    • Water supply testing
    • Microbiological testing
    • Corrosion monitoring
    • Chemical injection
    • Nitrogen generators

Utrasonic Testing

  • We offer ultrasonic testing, which will provide full wet and dry fire sprinkler pipe scans to examine entire systems, corrosion, pipe thickness, and pinpoint leaks. Ultrasonic test reports will accurately represent where there is corrosion and precision thickness within each pipe and which pipes need to be decommissioned. Ultrasonic tests will also inspect for the “presence of foreign organic and inorganic material.” We scan risers, cross mains, system valve lines, and branch lines to test for corrosion, wall thinning, air pockets, and foreign materials that may be obstructing the system. Ultrasonic testing can be used to replace a 3-year and 5-year obstruction test and eliminates draining the system, “snaking’ the pipe, and ultimately causing more damage.
  • By using our services, we can pinpoint exactly which pipe can remain in service and which pipe needs to be retired. This service will provide our customers with a “blueprint” for fire sprinkler system modifications and the flexibility to schedule their own replacement based on our findings. Ultrasonic testing is silent, non-intrusive, and the work can be done during work hours. We keep the system online and do not require the draining of the system or obtrusive testing that can cause more damage

Since 1981 J&J Fire Protection has been South Florida’s reliable partner for design and installation of complex fire sprinkler systems with over 100+ years of combined experience.


We are NICET Certified Professionals

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